" Exclusive Catering service to celebrate Weddings, Communions, Anniversaries and general Banquets "

Caratello has been operating in our region for years with the aim of promoting food and wine products, by researching and selecting the best experiences of our "artisans of taste and quality"

Working together to bring you the best of traditional Tuscan food:
Shepherds , Cheesemakers, Meat cutters, Butchers, Bakers, Pastry chefs, Olive growers, Oil millers, Winegrowers, Winemakers

From their labour come the raw materials, from our kitchen staff come the experience and skills needed to create menus inspired by our culinary tradition.
This also includes modern takes on dishes, while always using seasonal products.

With our unique approach, we've received various assignments to organise wine tastings and catering services for Institutions, Associations, Banks and Institutions. These include the Tuscany Region, to which we have proudly supplied our services for years

We plan to offer this service also to families

For their important occasions, we provide an exclusive Catering service to celebrate Weddings, Communions, Anniversaries and general Banquets.

With a home delivery service, or in venues with which we are affiliated.

Some examples of menus.


  • Sautéed mushroom "Maltagliati" on a bed of pumpkin purée
  • polenta with classic Chiantigiano ragù sauce or cheese fondue
  • traditional Ribollita
  • garlic bread
  • black cabbage and beans on toast
  • mixed salads
  • savoury artichoke pie
  • braised beef
  • chocolate soufflé
  • crème brûlée
  • homemade cake.


  • Bruschettine with cherry and rocket
  • platter of cold cuts and cheeses
  • Tuscan crostini with vinsanto
  • courgette and Pecorino cheese flan
  • Grilled vegetables with balsamic vinegar
  • pasta "del contadino" with tomatoes, olives, capers and salted ricotta
  • pasta with speck (smoke ham) and mushrooms
  • various mixed Caratello salads with the ingredients of your choice
  • chicken morsels with saffron
  • tiramisu
  • panna cotta and "zuccotto".