" Every Tuesday from June to September "

A new and original way to enjoy real Florentine steak.

In the heart of the Chianti summer, every Tuesday from June to September, you can take part in an event which attracts lovers of fine food and good living from all over the world.

“Il Caratello” restaurant and wine-bar and the Morandi Morando butcher’s shop organise:

You can pick out your own steak and have it custom-cooked to taste.
The master butcher Morando will show you the characteristics of the sirloin, the cut, the breed of beef, the age, gender and how the animal was bred and raised.
In the square, an expert steak chef will cook your steak to your specifications on a hot coal-fuelled grill.

You can accompany the steak with an excellent CHIANTI CLASSICO or a fresh, aromatic wine made by a range of local winegrowers. And you can also order classic Tuscan canapés, cold cuts, cheese, sides and salads from the menu.

All this, in an atmosphere of polite, genuine and uncomplicated conviviality, guaranteed to make your evening perfect.